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I’ve decided to start a Bra Review series, focusing on bras available in India through online portals and/or company authorized sellers.

We start with reviewing bras for busty (DD+) women in India, and then will move on to bras for the more popular sizes.

Bra Basics – Fern by Panache

panache fern

Fern is a 3-part bra , available in a balconette style, for cup sizes upto K. I understand the band size goes at least as low as 30, but I’m yet to verify if it offers 28.

The hook options include 2 and 3 hooks, depending on back band size.

We’ve reviewed a Fern – 30 HH in this post.

What does Fern have to offer? 

Size Options

To start with, Fern’s size range is impressive. Unlike other brands available in India, Panache’s sizing is rather close to a woman’s actual measurements – i.e, the band size on any panache bra is 1 or 2 inches more than the actual waist size. Similarly,  cup sizing in Panache is no joke – a HH cup offers great fit and support for busty women, instead of just being a scale-up from the smaller cups.

I’ve found the sizing chart to be extremely accurate for Fern- i.e, I can take my measurements, translate them to the sizing chart, and order. There’s very little adjustment required beyond what the sizing chart directs.

(Refer this article on my blog to determine your bra-size: https://plusbrasandmore.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/what-is-my-bra-size)

Fit, Support and Shape

The Fern title I’ve seen on other reviews is “Balconette”, but I find the bra to be a “Half-cup”. The key differences being in

  • Shape of the cup’s upper edge, which is not horizontal, but rather diagonal across the breast
  • The rather triangular and wide-set appearance of my chest in it, which is typical of half-cut bras for me. Balconettes tend to provide a rounder, more balanced look.

In terms of fit, the Fern rests comfortably against the sternum/ front rib-cage, and so doesn’t move around too much during a busy day. However, the cups cut into my breast tissue towards the top of the breast. This may be on account of the fact that my breasts are top heavy, but I’ve seen pictures on reviews, and it seems to be an issue even with shallow, firm breasts. Would love to receive inputs on this bit.

I like how Fern supports my (rather heavy) chest. Boobs don’t move around too much in an office shirt during a hectic day. I’ve been wearing Fern almost once or twice a week for the last year, and the support has only deteriorated slightly. I had started wearing it on the outer-most hook (30 HH comes with 3 hooks) , and have had to gradually move to the inner-most hook.

Shape for me is the biggest problem with Fern. It gives me rather distinctly outward pointing boobs, without much lift. This, again, maybe on account of my shape. Would request readers to share their opinions.


The bra is available in a mesh material, with catchy floral and geometric prints. I love Panache for the wild and beautiful colors they offer for busty women!

The material breathes easy, but like all non-cotton bras, will get a little hot for temperate climates, especially during summers. Winters (in a city like Mumbai) are comfortable.

Where would I  wear Fern? 

To work, where support and zero-jiggle is more important than the rounded shape of a true balconette.

I also wear it under casual tee shirts, and deep necklines as the bra seams don’t show up under most fabrics and the cut is deep enough.

But, I steer clear of wearing it with tight fitted or sheer shirts/ dresses, as the bra cup cuts into the breast tissues and gives a slight bulge.

Would I buy Fern again?

If none of my other favourites at Panache are available, I would buy Fern at full price.

However, I would buy it on discount without considering alternatives , as it’s great value for money and comes in really cute colors.

Where should I buy Fern in India? 

Online portals stock a few Panache bras, but I’ve found they rarely go beyond an F. I’ve managed to pick up Fern HH once on an e-commerce website, but I usually prefer to go through the registered Panache seller in Mumbai – Cazaro.

Cazaro is owned by Jayshree Gupta – who, outside of owning a wonderhouse of beautiful bras, also does customized fits. I always thought I couldn’t find a sports bra in my size, till Jayshree helped me out!

Looking forward to hearing your views on Fern and this review. Let me know using the Comments section below 🙂