A perfect fitting bra does wonders for your body, outfit and confidence levels. But, how do you know what defines a perfect fit?

Here are a few simple tests to determine if you’re wearing the right fitting bra

1. The bra band towards the back should be parallel to the ground. If the bra band rides up, the band is too large.

2. You should be able to run two fingers under your band, to ensure that the band is not too small.

Refer to the picture below to understand what a correct band fit should look likeBra band- illustrative3.  The bra cups should not cut into the breast tissue, and neither should there be any gap between bra cup fabric and your breast

And Dear Lord, need we delve into the horrors of bulging breast tissue from the top and side of the bra? Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Refer pic below to understand how to tell if bra-cup is too large or too small:

bra cup fit illustration

4. The centre gore and underwires should rest flat against your rib cage.

Gore is the fabric between the two underwires/cup linings.

If the underwires ride up, the bra tissue will slip out from under the wires and lead to discomfort and poor fit.

This tip, personally, has made a world of difference for me in differentiating between bras that look great but offer no support, and sturdy bras that can last days without any change in support. 

Refer pic below to see how the underwire and gore should rest against your ribcage:


5.You should be able to run two fingers under your shoulder straps.


The straps should be snug enough to keep the bra cups in place, but not so tight that they strain your shoulders or leave marks.

Refer pic below to understand what a right strap fit should look like:

bra strap photo.jpg

6. Over and above the handy tests:

These tips are the mere essentials of identifying a good fit. For a customized fit, please have a chat with a fitting expert.

In India, I’ve often found it a challenge to find the right-size bra, because of the inhibitions around frank discussions. The saleswomen are also mostly not equipped to deal with busty women, and frankly, it’s not their fault. Most brands in malls don’t stock bras for busty women.

Here is where fitting experts come in. A good fitter not only provides bra recommendations, but also helps you identify your body type, and will help you sort out  all your bra issues in one go. You’d be surprised at how many wardrobe issues can be resolved by the right bra help.

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